Day -1 : Packing day
Submitted on Wednesday 09th June 2004 ( 06:25:24 PM )

Excitement is reaching gigantic levels. Tomorrow we go !!!
Problem 1 > How to get 3 monofins , 2 pairs of stereo fins, 3 wetsuits , 2x5 kg of weights and lots of other freedive gear in this small bag.
Problem 2 > Aaarrggggh forgot to pack my normal clothes
Problem 3 > I am suffering from serious hay fever and with the current weather conditions my sinuses are completely closed. Hope Cyprus is better .......

Day 0 : Travel
Submitted on Friday 11th June 2004 ( 12:47:55 PM )

Nothing special to tell. Flight was ok. Checked in to the hotel , which is reasonable but with a great view over the large static competition pool. Bit noisy at night though.
We met our friends from
Switzerland today and they had trained next to Carlos Coste today , who came up screaming 105 m !!!!!!
This is a good start of some amazing results...

Day 1: Registration day
Submitted on Friday 11th June 2004 ( 12:53:45 PM )

Last night we made some last minute arrangements with some people who did rent a boat to do some extra training. Turned out some other interesting people where on the boat. Like Anabel Briseno and Deepest Bear Sam. An Australian guy we met did 77 meter on the rope next to us, while we where struggling around the 25 marker. Boehoehoe.....
At registration lots of famous faces showed up , like Martin Stepanek and Herbert Nitsch. Later we will join the official opening ceremony and of course the party....
Also our Swiss friend got an SMS that Tomas Sietas did a new WR static at
8:45 !!!

Day 2: First official CW training
Submitted on Saturday 12th June 2004 ( 04:54:23 PM )

After a very nice CW training in extremely blue water with 45 meter visibility and both of us a new PB, today went a bit different.
There was a current , which made it more difficult to control the dive and also we lost our only lanyard. Visibility still great , temperature awesome, so no big worries yet. Although both our ears locked up way before our target depth....
Arriving at the training site is an amazing thing, because in the middle of the sea an enormous rig , straight out of blade runner goes mad max goes the abyss, is set up for us to train. Lines go as deep as 105 meters , so just about enough for us..
This afternoon we did the official dynamics training. The pool is brand new and Olympic size (50m) , with 8 lanes. Also nice and warm. Training felt good. so we will see on Monday at the comp.
The big guns took it easy today so no news there (for the moment). Anabel and Carlos are really nice and easy to speak to. No stardom attitude. Also mistook Martin Stepanek for the waiter, when I bumped into him . He was wearing a white shirt carrying something that looked like a tray. We had a laugh about it afterward. He is also very friendly. Actually everybody is. Last night at the opening ceremony that was very clear. Including the mysterious Russian team and the high tech Japanese with there techno monofins.

Day 3: Last CW training
Submitted on Sunday 13th June 2004 ( 04:35:58 PM )

Today went very well for both of us. Patricia did a PB in free immersion of 27 meters and I finally got the 30m mark. Was not easy since my very limited training possibility combined with the recovery from a broken eardrum, but I am a happy man. Will try to do 33 on the competition.
The training was also good because there was no current anymore like yesterday and next to that we where in the same team as almost all of the famous freedivers I know. So while I did my warm-ups I could see Martin Stepanek, Carlos Coste, Annabel Briseno, Natalia Molchanova, Fred Buyle and Bill Stromberg do their thing. Afterwards Martin said he ONLY did 90m today........ ;-(
Tomorrow Dynamic competition day !!!

Day 4: Dynamics Competition
Submitted on Monday 14th June 2004 ( 04:11:54 PM )

Today was a 100% success day for both Patricia and me. We both did a personal best. Patricia did a great 62 meters and came up very clear and controlled. Myself I finally got the 100meter I wanted for some time now. Was a very special dive. I started feeling problems with my legs at around 75 meters. At 90 meters they completely stopped working. I still felt good air-wise, but no legs does not help, so I decided to get out. Then I looked forward and saw the 100meter wall very close in front of me and thought "what the hell" and without using my legs I swam to the wall and came up like I had done 10 meters instead. So if I work on my technique to use less legs and more body like you should with the monofin, I can do much more..........
From the big boys and girls the winner was Herbert Nitch , who did a clean 170 meters like it was 10 meters. The funny thing was that he also swam with his arms for the last meters like I did, so it was not that stupid after all ;-)
on the female side , a relative unknown Finnish girl broke the world record with 158m !! (decision pending)

Day 5 : CW competition day 1
Submitted on Wednesday 16th June 2004 ( 03:53:02 PM )

Well, this is a resting day for us, since our toptime is on Thursday. That is good news , since we are right after the 3 100 plus guys. Martin announced 103 meters and both Carlos and Herbert announced 102 meters. Since the safety divers can not stay long at that depth , they will return to 30-40 meters after that. We have received lots of requests from people wanting to be our coach on that day, since only competitors and coaches are allowed on the rig ;-) Wolle Neugebauer is going to coach me and Daniel Wieser will coach Patricia.
We used today to do some wet statics , which went ok . I did a relaxed
5:30 and Patricia a 3:50. Good start for the rest of the pre-static days.
For the people doing CW today it went nice and easy. Very little sambas and the whole operation ran like clockwork.

Day 6: CW competition day 2
Submitted on Wednesday 16th June 2004 ( 03:58:38 PM )

Last resting day for us and it seems the heat of 34 degrees every day is getting to us. I did some statics but had been better of not doing that ;-(. Then we just slept the whole afternoon, since it was too hot to do anything else.
From the people arriving back from the boat we heard mixed results. From the deep guys only Ant Williams (70m) and a Japanese guy (I think Shinomiya, but we get the oficial results in 30 minutes) did their dive. The rest blacked out , sambad or turned early. From the shallower normal humans including our Swiss friends we heard only success stories, which is what we need for tomorrow. That all agreed that it is much easier on the competition dive than on the training dives. Mainly because you can see your tag even from the transition zone and focus on getting it..... We will see tomorrow. Will be D-day for us and for the competition . WHO WILL BE THE NEW WR HOLDER !

Day 7 : CW competition day 3
Submitted on Thursday 17th June 2004 ( 01:17:54 PM )

We did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We both got our tag and 2 new PB's. Patricia was so relaxed that she banged into the plate and ended up below it. Then an easy swim up and she showed me the 25 m tag. Super job that girl of mine. Myself I swam very relaxed down , looking up to the safety divers and the sun, to suddenly find my ears blocking. No worries I thought and made a summersault (360degrees) , which cleared my ears. While looking down is saw the plate very close and swam too it. Got the tag and euphoric ascend. We are HAPPY
Just before my official toptime I could shake hands with Carlos Coste in the water after he did a NEW WORLD RECORD of 102 Meters. Unbelievable.... Martin Stepanek turned at 99m and Herbert at 88, so Carlos wins this one (as we had predicted).
Now some food and sleep and tonight we will get the premiere showing of the new movie "The Freediver" here in the hotel. Also we will see video footage of all our dives, which where extensively filmed by several cameras. Lots of media was present at this days events so I am sure there will be some cool footage of our own dives.
Tomorrow resting day before the final static competition on Saturday
One correction : yesterday I mentioned wrongly that Shinomiya made it. It should have been Timo Kinnunen from

Day 8: Static Competition day
Submitted on Saturday 19th June 2004 ( 05:51:05 PM )

Today we did static. This proved to be a very tough last day for most people since the sun was a blazing 35 degrees plus beating on our backs. Herbert Nitch had to leave on an early flight so he started before everybody else. This proved to be a good tactic, since at
10 am he took the last shade off the day and therefore a big advantage. He did a little over 7 minutes, but this proved later not to be enough. In a head to head battle between Shinomiya and Stepanek , Shinomiya outranked Martin with a splendid 7'07 and Martin did a 7'03 but that was enough for the overall title.
Lottal Erikson did a new WORLDRECORD of 6'31'' !!!
Myself I had a head to head with Fred Buyle. I went further that he did but had to stop at 5'31'' , because the heat was killing me and my head almost exploded. So no new NR for me this time.... Patricia had similar problems and did a clean 3'26'', also 30 second below her PB.
Several people crashed under the heat with a samba or blackout. Very pity for Ant William who had a LMC in the final heat against Timo Kinunen, who also did not reach his announced 7'30'' (he did 6'30 something).
Anyway, hat was it for
Cyprus. Remaining the party tonight and closing ceremony/price giving. In all we had a great time learned a lot , met lots of great people from all over the globe and took home 4 personal bests and an enormous sun tan. Not to bad for a week Cyprus............. Glenn Venghaus signing off............................................

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